AMC -Wyckoff Theory Looking VERY Promising

Ok Gang…

First off, none of this is financial advise, I am NOT a financial advisor.

I’ve been following David Marino (in this video) for a few weeks as he is fond of the Wyckoff Theory of Accumulation/Distribution used by institutions. Basically this model has been around for decades and used by the big guys for major profits. Please watch the (attached) video for details but things SEEM to be adding up almost PERFECT. Chart comparison’s from the previous squeezes/melt-ups. are…oddly similar.

This theory not only matches up with the charts BUT it also explains why Jim’s models seem to keep getting “gamed” at times…it’s because they are. This Theory says this stock is a game of psychology of markets to obtain the best price positioning (basically accumulation and distribution phases). It’s orchestrated by deep pockets.

According to this video I’d say we are around where AMC was on April 30th (a final leg down). This explains /shows the next few days we might see some red or vibration, followed by a big uptick soon. Basically Jim’s back-to-back retests to $49.50 would be the equivalent of AMC’s chart on May 10th-17th .

Always do your own due diligence but what David says in this video looks promising. We just might be getting close to a serious move upward within the next 4-8 weeks. Would love to get @admin7676 thoughts on this. *Don’t bash this thought, just providing some food-for-thought. Good luck guys!

I’m all about learning, so I’m glad you put this out there. Seems legit to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing… I went and subscribed to his channel. I followed the Wyckoff theory for BTC and ETH and to see it playing out with AMC gives me goose bumps.

Update: Things are going as indicated. I still believe we will see some downside to $35-$37 (give or take). I’ve attached a chart of where I think we’re at and how it compares almost identically to past trends. PS- I’m at work so not a perfect chart, but you get the idea.

Hint: Strong upside to $50-$55 coming soon, and big takeoff after that.

This is not financial advice, I am not a financial advisor.


I’ll admit I didn’t think it would play to the downside this much. Based on the calls I bought yesterday I was wrong, looking good for that distribution phase though.

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