"BAM" and the potential squeeze

Hey gang,

Been following Jim since February now. We know that August is set to be pretty hot , and the models predictions have AMC possibly up into the 500’s range around mid august.

I know the model has no possible way to account for a short squeeze or margin calls occuring.

My worry is if AMC is skyrocketing, gets closer to that 500 level and per the model we are thinking its going to go back down but then suddenly margin calls hit outta nowhere and we shoot for the moon right after a bunch of us dump around what we assume was the top pre margin calls.

Am i being crazy or could this be a legit concern? I am sure we will be getting updates from Jim per the usual and would just assume that the model would possibly keep showing it going up and update w new data to reflect margin call potential.
I know we also have the “topping count” that may assist as well as it happens, and would assume the count would “Reset” itself if margin calls come and the price keeps rolling up.

I know Jim does think it wont go as high as “ape” numbers, but did mention in a video that political wise it “might” get just high enough to potentially dethrone a certain fund before being intervened on. I am curious what he think that number might actually be.

Thanks Gang, i have been holding it together pretty well all year but as the time gets closer finally i may be overthinking it. Even at a potential $500, Im not complaining by any means.

I’m not selling my shares at $500. Options, yes shares, no. I think the potential to go ‘ape high’ is there in the DD. I understand Jim’s take on they won’t let it bring down the hedgies or market but the reality is, this is a global mess they have themselves in. And the amount of shares needing to be closed, I believe, is insanely high. And with other stocks besides amc. I don’t believe they can just stop it again because it’s getting too high without a national/global revolt. My opinion anyway.


My momentum model is very bullish in this region too. This is based on cyclical Fibonacci movement following large momentum moves. My model is also in a buy everything in this region zone similar to BAM. My lowest ranges through two possible momentum cycles would on the low end see ~$217 on the 1st wave and ~$708 on the 2nd wave. Below I will attach a video I’ve been trying to share with some other people interested in the squeeze plays. This models does not take into consideration shorts taking the other side of the trade, the ramifications of a fast market move on the various derivatives markets, or FOMO buying/using the stock as a hedge on a market crash. Some call options are the cheapest they have been in weeks, I believe we are going to see something unparalleled imho.

Momentum Model Quick Vid


Legit concern I’d definitely say. I fallow this guy on Twitter and i am a Global subscriber and watch every video he post. Read everything he writes. I listen to what he says yes but I don’t go off and fallow through with everything he says. I see people getting pissed as he’ll at him on Twitter a lot due to there own reckless decisions. I do not expect any kinda exact numbers from him. I don’t think Bam even bothers with 90% of the DD we look into. He just does his chart thing and I think that’s kinda it. Its what he’s good at and probably trained to do. Focus on chart not DD. He has to really try very hard to even use the word MANIPULATION lol I’m sure he thinks we are crazy for following all this Reddit and Webull Ape DD. Me personally will be paying very close attention to Bam in the weeks to come but also I will be making my own financial decisions. I do worry about selling to early but thats the Market 4 ya. I personally will be taking things by the day / by the hour as soon as it starts to get crazy. Be ready :rocket: Our phones will be going crazy 4 the month of August. Webull , Reddit, Twitter , Bam , Apes , Text , Emails , Platform notifications , Google news. All related to AMC LOL this alone will be a lot to take in. Just my opinion.

In the time it took me to write that I received 3 different AMC related notifications. Email from Bam, Reddit, Twitter. Lol Twitter again as I write this finwatchdog lol he’s on Twitter like a crackhead on crack but dudes a beast and good at his DD.
My point is we need to be careful because ■■■■ gana get crazy fast and we will be getting hit with DD and NOT FINANCIAL ADVISE from everywhere.
Keep calm
Get sleep
Eat good
Drink water
Go 4 walks
These things will help us be mentally prepared :rocket:

Comments like this in the open section of the forum put me at a disadvantage because in order to explain certain things, I would need to share a lot of the content that members are paying for already (which I won’t do)

Please keep in mind that I’m NOT predicting a move to 500 into mid August but the BAM Model is predicting a new all-time high (ATH) during August.

Per the toping count “resetting” that means (historically speaking) that 10% of the time the count continues to the upside (in a melt up) and 90% of the time we would see a capitulation high followed by a full 76% crash leg which would THEN be followed by new all time highs months later to complete the NEW topping count.

Please be careful about making assumptions per the model or what I am actually saying versus what you are hoping I am saying.

Thanks and good luck



Thank you, I am sure there are others with similar thoughts. Good comments all around, appreciated!

Thank you so much for your thoughts, you are a busy individual and your time is appreciated immensely.

Fair enough on the comment and revealing things that people are paying for. Definitely not trying to put you at a disadvantage. This makes it sound like there is possibly a closed section to subscribers that i could post in? If not, I can use the discord for future questions.

Thank you for the correction on the 500 number. I was looking at a few different things at the time and my dyslexia crossed some other numbers i was looking at while typing and I didn’t catch it. You definitely did not predict a move to 500 in August, just new ATH, Thank you again.

What you mention about the topping count just there was very helpful , I know its your proprietary bread and butter and I’m not trying to get the beans spilled on the whole thing, that tidbit was great!

AND, thank you for pointing out the distinction between assumptions and what your actually saying vs hoping. This is vastly important for everyone. I have not yolo’d and lost bigly on weekly options ever due to anything you have ever come out with. Been following and holding strong since Feb, adding more over the months on the dips.

I cant speak for everyone but personally I see great value in yourself, the tools you have worked hard to create, and this community that is being created around it. I will continue to learn and grow and will keep using the tool with the mindset that its just that, a tool. Its not the end all be all or the word of god (although your voice is slightly godly). I will keep using it in conjunction with my own DD.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what Anemoi or anyone else says, what I ultimately do is on me and no one else. My decision are my own, but I feel like you and your tool are definitely helping me to make better ones, and I believe will continue to do so.

This month no matter what, will be interesting for sure. Thanks guys!

I havent really spent a lot of time on a lot of forums in the past, I just realized the topics with the LOCK symbol is what I would need to use in the future, noted

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