Occam’s razor

As we move into August, keep things simple. Whether you’re heavily invested in AMC, BB, GTTN, etc., remember that "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.” This will help you grasp the “pay me now or pay me later” theory, also! I hope we all reap the fruits of our labor soon; best of luck all

IDK what "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.” means, care to elaborate for a smooth brain?

Think of it like this: the market as a whole is wildly over-leveraged. Moreover, the allegation exists that hedge funds have heavily naked shorted AMC, amongst other stocks.

If retail and institutions did not go beyond their means (i.e., did not become over-leveraged through margin), we likely wouldn’t be hearing calls for a correction to the degree of which many are hypothesizing (I have heard numbers around 50%). Additionally, had hedge funds not potentially naked shorted AMC, etc., this current situation wouldn’t be on the same scale it is now (which seems to be of great magnitude leading us to astronomical price predictions for an impending short squeeze).

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Consider supply and demand here, also. There can only be so much supply and so much demand at any given time. Eventually there becomes an imbalance

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That makes more sense. Thank you

i think he means don’t gamble beyond your means but then negates it by saying big money’s coming

Not quite. Instead, just a reminder to not beyond ones means. We’re seeing it screw people (and the market)

invest-gamble, potato-potawto. :slight_smile:

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perfectly explained per my view of what the BAM Model is trying to tell us

This post aged beautifully and I hope everyone looks deep into what’s between the lines

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