S&P 500

“There is a small trap door window today between about 10:15–10:50am pst”
Usually I take a trap door to mean down, but in this case is he saying upside?

Not sure what was meant there either. Nevertheless, my team’s strategy is showing another powerful move downward very soon. Bottom is far from here

One interesting example we caught was TSLA. Last April (2021) we predicted a move to $639 and we got laughed at. Look at Friday’s (5/20) chart! Should rise a tad and then we will look for our next PT to be hit, which we maintain from last April’s second prediction of $496. I’d be interested in buying in the $400s as I suspect it will explode during the eventual bull run.

Jim mentioned today a fall like that of 2008, FriendoftheTrend has done a nice chart comparison in TradingView of that move to our current setup 2008 vs Today’s market

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