Anyone else enjoying the run today.

I feel like I’d enjoy it more if I had invested more than $3 into it LOL

Same here. I only dropped about 10 bucks on it a couple months ago. But it has more than doubled so I guess I can’t complain.

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I loaded up when it hit Coinbase, hoping this turns into a Dogecoin case so I can retire early

I transferred some of the free crypto that Coinbase gives out to a couple months ago. Ended up with around 1.5 million for $10 so I figure I will leave it for a long while and see what happens

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Okay, seriously. Shib. What is it doing and should I get more before it’s trading on other platforms?

My $3 turned into $12.

I absolutely loaded up. I have 100+mil cost me about $1500

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No idea. I really don’t know what is making it run but as long as it keeps going I will be happy

I am seeing the writing on the wall with $SHIB. The same FUD that battled the masses behind $DOGE is happening now with $SHIB. I have never seen such fast movement to the upside like this. Moreover, I’ve never seen such a strong “hodl to $0.01” mentality. I learned to not fight the masses this year with GME, AMC, and DOGE… that being said, I finished slowly converting all of my XLM to SHIB right before the beginning of this rip and well… I am happy I did!

I think this is a taste of what is to come this fall and winter. It didn’t almost touch an ATH to stop there. Once they make more announcements, list on Robinhood, etc…. Who knows where it could go (albeit I sure hope it is a penny!)

It’s important to note also that Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq wrote articles on SHIB… other major outlets have, but we’ve not yet even seen huge catalysts or media attention. Very exciting

Same here. I missed out with doge because I didn’t believe the hype. I don’t even know what catalyst is causing this mad push but I will enjoy the ride up. But with the hype going on now and all of the news releases this only has one way to go.

I totally agree. There’s a very clear goal of reaching one penny and I don’t think people will stop. Same went for DOGE. What I find interesting with DOGE is that people remind everyone it has been around for years, therefore SHIB could take years to hit these price targets. But, they fail to mention how long it took to hit its price targets once it went mainstream!!!

This is why I think SHIB is great. It’s in the infant stages of going mainstream

And yes I understand the major factors like market cap and circulating supply play huge roles in price. Nevertheless, burn mechanisms will be put in place shortly and accessibility will be enhanced

That’s the biggest set back for the coin is the supply. But like you said they are going to be doing burns and eventually the supply will start to dwindle. Do I think it will be a .01 before the end of the year probably not, but in 2-5 years there is no telling where it will be.

So…let’s do the math. As of right now (around 2 pm EST on 10/8/21)…Shib sits a price of $0.00002862 with a market cap of $11B

Coin Price
$0.0000286 → $0.000286 = 10x
$0.0000286 → $0.00286 = 100x
$0.0000286 → $0.01 = 350x

$11B → $110B = 10x
$11B → $1.1T = 100x
$11B → $3.85T = 350x

The entire crypto market right now is a little over $2T…so I think Shib to $0.01 is really unlikely anytime soon even factoring in burns, etc. And if/when it does, many other coins will have done the same and it won’t really matter which one you chose. I’m not saying don’t buy it…do whatever TF you want with your money. But I would make sure your expectations are set appropriately. And 100x gains are your goal, there are many other coins with better chances than Shib.

Not to derail from shib, but what other coins would be better in your opinion? I’m just getting into crypto with a small position in shib. I wouldn’t mind researching and looking into others.

I understand the enormous(impossible) market cap it would take to get it to even a penny. But I don’t think you are taking into account the burns they are planning. Also I remember everyone saying doge would never reach a penny due to its unlimited supply. They introduce something like 10k coin a minute into the supply of I’m not mistaken. Shib isn’t my only investment in crypto. I really like ethereum most of my crypto investments are staked in it. But one thing I have learned after seeing doge fly or any other so called meme stocks or ■■■■ coins is don’t go against the grain. If it’s making money is it really a dumb investment. I’m up 289% on shib the past month. Cant say the same thing for any other coin or stock I hold

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I’m definitely not arguing that point. Make money however you can. 289% is fantastic and you should be happy. If it goes another 10x from here, that is awesome. What I see (not saying you specifically, but in general) is that people can buy millions of coins and psychologically that feels good. They think “I have 50Million coins…if it just goes to $0.01 i’ll cash out” not understanding that it if it does go to $0.01, it will probably be in 2028 and they aren’t prepared to wait that long.

Regarding the burns, you could be right. There are 1 QUADRILLION Coins…so they are going to have to burn quite a few to make a difference. Also, the top wallet that isn’t an exchange has 70 Trillion coins…if/when that person sells…everyone is f***ed.

My advice to you is to not take advice from the random guy on the forum. Don’t mean to be an ■■■■■■■, but most everyone’s opinion on here will vary. But…i do like this website as a place to start - There are far better websites for doing research…but this simply lists coins, market cap and gains/losses for the year. I am looking for low market cap (under $1B) and a coin trading at the bottom of its range. If it has low market cap and is up 89,000% on the year, I suggest you stay away. From there, I will pick a few and start to do research on the coin. The smaller coins bring in quite a bit more risk…so it’s important you understand the project and make sure it’s not a rug pull.

If you are just starting out…my advice is to pick some of the safer coins and DCA into a long term position.

Yeah I agree people don’t realize for this to actually get up to the penny range it’s going to be a long hold and that’s if it even does. For me i will just let it sit and forget about it. Maybe one day I will wake up and remember I still have it and it will be worth something.

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Thanks for the reply, it’s what I was hoping for, a place to start. I understand your point on not taking advice from a random person, although I think a random person might be better than some of the actual websites Ive stumbled across.

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