HI everyone, anyone good with charting and Elliott Wave could look at this chart and let me know what they think?
Its a Canadian stock ZEN.V but it is trading in the US under ZENYF I think.
They got some very interesting IP and news lately. The stock has been moving a lot lately
If anyone can help with charting I would love to here back
Thank you

It’s running. Looks like it could go to 5.50 Approx. for a quick trade and it may turn back after that.

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Thank you Ryan
It just hit 5.48 CAN, huge run in the last two days

ZENYF on Webull is showing it is currently at 4.250. I think you’ll see 5.50 easy in the next day or so. It possibly could run higher. But for a quick in and out that’s a nice little swing.

Sorry, I was referring at 5.48 Canadian $, so 5.50$ US would be around 7$ Can.
thanks again

No probs charts will be the same as long as its the correct ticker. I was looking at ZENYF on webull.

it’s the right one :slight_smile:
for your 5.50 estimate, what did you use?
I’m curious cause I’m kind of new at this and not sure how to use chart on a run like this

The bullish wave currently playing out will retrace. I use fib levels and trend lines and wave counts. It will possibly go higher than that but i think a conservative sell at 5.50 would make a nice swing trade. However, if you are in the mind because you like the stock and believe it has a future, then maybe throwing some money on it now and just forgetting about it for a fair while then you will probably see some nice returns in that respect as well. Graphene is becoming easier and easier to create and i believe it has an important part to play in technology moving forward. Some people may argue against me and say graphene is too expensive to create and will never be a part of mass tech moving forward. however, if you are clever and have a good idea on forwadr thinking technology then i would expect graphene to play its part and it would be a good investment. I have not looked into the company, if you think its a long term investment then really do some digging into the company. ie patents, who’s the CEO board members, growth, etc. Also have a look into institutional ownership. It has been recently getting a lot of buying volume in recent weeks, so have a look at big institutions whos recently brought shares, etc.

Thanks Ryan
I’m already a shareholder, when I said new at this, I met it on the charting side and on maybe trying to trade from time to time. So far I’m more of a buy and hold on most of my stock, but If I can get better reading chart, I would love to be better at selling at the end of a bullish wave and by more share at the end of the correction. I guess its everyone’s goal probably. But for ZENYF, fundamentals are getting stronger and the next months and year to come look very good. I would just want to be able to make a couple good trade so I can increase my position in it without having to add any new money.
Thank you again for your time I really appreciated it
take care

Hi Ryan
I don’t know if you kept a look at ZENYF but a lot of good news happen since our last chat.
I was wondering where ZEN is now on EW view? Good call on the 5.50$ estimate by the way :slight_smile:
I’m not trading it but I might be looking to add more and would like to have a better idea of what you think this chart could do.

I found this article made in septembre, a lot happen since then, and many great news since that article.


The name is now Zentek and should get on the NASDAQ around mid decembre.

let me know if you have time on what you see on this chart and if you can share your chart I will be more than happy to see it. I’m trying to figure out where we are from an EW view.

take care


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