AMC Earning and AA Commentary

READ CAREFULLY before any knee-jerk reaction. DO NOT spread FUD that Jim / BAM is bearish AMC based on earnings or any other company-specific, revenue based, fundamentals.

My two-cents…

After observing catalysts events for decades, it seems to me that a company like AMC would be hard-pressed to generate earning growth sufficient to justify the current stock price valuation. But, as we all know, earnings fundamentals do not play a key role in the core “REASON” that most apes have purchased and support the stock.

That said, it seems to me that it would be unlikely for AMC / AA to generate any earnings report that could possibly justify current price. If the stock is preparing to lift-off (tracking the BAM Model’s bullish forecast) it seems like it would be much more likely that the “catalysts” would need to come from AA talking about the future reinvention of the brand (repurposing square footage to create new revenue streams like UFC etc.) as well as, and maybe ESPECIALLY, any hint that he and his team have uncovered data that could possibly prove, or at least move toward proving, that share count and shorts are out of whack compared to publicly reported numbers. That, in my mind, would be the best probable hope for an ignition event generated through the post earning conference call.

As I said, my two-cents. No special insight… and brain roughly the size of a walnut.

Good luck guys

PS: Per the BAM Model, my retest levels are expected to take the form of fast-market, price attack events. Once vibration starts, it’s much more common to see soft contact. The exception would be the “D” contact as it is fairly common to see that probe take the form of jabbing as opposed to light tapping. The reason this occurs is that the “D” is associated with the double bottom, or as Trey would say, the “George W.”

Thank you fro the update on the earnings coming up.

Earnings didn’t shake us down the last 2 reports, this will not take us down, as a matter of fact, I think we will run… ZOS in place. AUGHUST GOOD… lets make FED print more.


It is always good know your 2¢. Thank you!

Pretty much my analysis as well. Except for the model predictions since you’re providing those. :grin:

Agreed, and as you pointed out, this has never been a long-term play based on fundamentals for most of us. This is a SQUEEZE play. I expect nothing more/less than business as usual price action in relation to the earnings report.

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I agree with your statement, JG. In my opinion, I wish the Shareholders would’ve considered the 25 Million share dilution to get out of debt and AA could’ve explored option to reinstate the Dividend and AMC would have more money for bigger projects. But, many shareholders were upset and not looking at the bigger picture which will only delay the MOASS.

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Thanks for the update.

Jim have you registered your shares with say technologies and voted for the top asked question.?

So far only 48,300 apes representing 56,100,000 shares have done so. So based off the 4.1 Milliom Ape figure from Annual meeting 1.1% of apes have registered and represent 10.9% of legitimate shares.

Just making sure you were aware of this and if your broker allows connecting via Plaid, you have done so.

Seems like every stab at statistics shows that there are Billion+ shares in circulation even with conservative estimates. This 1150-1250 shares per ape has held consistently.

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A stub membership count is something you’re not accounting in earnings report
Membership count is estimated at 8.2 million if this correct that would mean the company is generating 164 million a month over a billion annually. Where would a key factor like that put the price target?

Thanks for the update Jim!

What are your thoughts on them addressing the stock dividend question that seems to be all over the reddit boards that the Apes keep upvoting for the Q&A? Could an announcement of a dividend, however small, count as one of these types of catalysts?

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AMC earnings report isn’t about justifying the current price.

The report is important to show growth that MSM and FUD are saying can’t happen. The narrative is that streaming is taking over and nobody wants to go sit in a theater. However those are are honest and looking will see that theaters are packed. People want to pay for an experience (like going out to dinner) and will pay good money to do it.

This is what the report is about, combating the FUD that theaters are dead when they are really thriving. We are countering a narrative that’s being pushed by big money that was trying to bankrupt the world’s largest theater chain to, in my opinion, make money off their investment in streaming AND in their short position on AMC.

This is a slow rolling squeeze at this point. You wouldn’t discuss fundamentals and share price in the middle of any other squeeze in history. This is no different other than they are being allowed to manipulate the price to keep it low for longer. Share availability is almost zero right now but the price doesn’t rise. Stop with “fundamentals”.

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This would have been the right move and not made a dent in the stock price but yes, most apes don’t realllly know what they are doing and just got on a bandwagon

Thank you for your guidance and opinion

I see GG’s interview getting edited as a potential catalyst. One of the the HFs best tools over the last seven months has been the SEC. And now the guy that is in charge might feel a certain way after those edits…

I know its wishful thinking that the SEC will do anything productive, but I think CNBC slighting the guy is the most positive thing we have right now. They might have finally pissed off the wrong guy.


Thanks Jim, I value your work, opinion, effort, tools, and your company as a whole. And now…yes let get this F-king $$$$

Thanks for the briefing Jim. That makes sense to me. Also wanted to let you know that the Anemoi Education is pretty dadgum awesome. I really like what you have done and look forward to learning even more.

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IMO the model knows all, and is reflecting that fact in the coming wk and beyond

Thanks, Jim! I completely agree with you, especially the third paragraph!! Due diligence requires help from the company in question to protect shareholders and investors investments. Tools and reports are there, and audits are a normal function/arsenal of the SEC and corporations! They need to exercise their fiduciary duty!

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