Anemoi Questions - Beta Testers

I have some due diligence questions on the Anemoi Terminal and I would appreciate feedback from some of the 50 beta testers.

Please understand that I’m not trying to be a shill, but I am trying to take a methodical approach and ask questions that many of us would ask In our everyday lives when making decisions prior to investing in a new opportunity with no public historical performance. On this thread I would ask that the mods not restrict dialogue and I would ask the BAM community that we leave this discussion to Anemoi and not your personal experience with the BAM model. With that said:

Has Anemoi been back tested and front tested with paper or real trades? If so, can you please share the historical performance? Rather than a vague statement of 25,000% gains, It would be beneficial to see results that BAM members could read and digest from the Beta testers. I think it would be safe to say that beta testing of this kind would include pursuing various investment opportunities to identify the most applicable investments based on the Anemoi’s strengths rather than just working out the various kinks in the software coding.

Can a whitepaper be authored ( if it hasn’t already) to share the success of the Anemoi terminal? I think this would be helpful to build faith within the BAM community. I signed up for the Global Pro subscription on blind faith, and I wish there would have been more due diligence involved in my decision. The reality was there wasn’t much information out there on the BAM model and its historical performance. Ultimately my decision came down to Twitter marketing. I will refrain from speaking to the success of that model, as this thread is dedicated to better understanding the Anemoi Terminal and its ability to help its subscribers make a return on their investments.

Can we setup a video call with a number of beta testers to share their thoughts and experiences of the Anemoi Terminal? If there are 50 Beta users then it would be conceivable to have 15+ share their experiences. Having the opportunity to be a beta tester of other projects there is typically a considerable amount of back and forth with the development team and fellow beta users. Likely they have their own forum that they are constantly discussing this information. There should be a substantial amount of information that the Beta team can share with the BAM community on its performance while being beta tested.

Will there be a trial period for active BAM subscribers (15 days, 30 days, etc.)? This will be really helpful to assess the performance of the Anemoi terminal rather than buying into a subscription on blind faith.

I think there is some concern that Anemoi will never be released. Could it be beta tested in perpetuity? I don’t know the answer to that question but I believe it would be beneficial to have stronger communication with this forum regarding Anemoi’s progress.

I sincerely appreciate the dialogue of this forum and I ask again that we keep this thread related to Anemoi. We are fortunate to have Jim and his endeavor of helping the retail investor! look forward to hearing from the Beta team as I anxiously await the release of many years of Jim’s hard work on this massive project.

I wish you guys would stop all the speculation. When the Terminal is ready, it will be opened to the general public. I have repeated a gillion times that BAM members will receive a free access trial. I don’t lie about anything EVER. Software is complex. International law is complex. Government regulations are complex.


Anemoi is a game-changer; the accuracy of its strategies makes it easy to mitigate risk and increase profits. %30 gains are about average to lower end in my experience. Its indicators give the confidence to trade any stock; the scanner is incredibly helpful. The consistency in the success rate of trades taken by using Anemoi is what impresses me the most.


I am lucky enough to be a beta tester. From my experience, if you follow the rules (and there are educational videos describing these rules in the terminal) you can be very very successful. I personally have had success in the FAANGM stocks trading based of the trigger crosses.


I have been working on the beta team and have had great results with Anemoi. Personally, I have focused on one strategy (trigger cross) in Anemoi and used it to trade options intraday. I am able to see very nice returns on these trades and am able to easily find many opportunities per day. I will also occasionally play other Anemoi strategies and they can be even more successful. I have helped, along with many other dedicated beta users, to write a document that will walk users through Anemoi and various strategies that can be used with it.


I am an Anmeoi Beta Tester and would love to answer your questions. I will refrain from responding to your speculations.
The Anemoi Terminal is, in my experience, a fantastic tool. Probably Jim will tell you that it he did not build the terminal for the use I am giving it, but I chose to use it this way.
I primarily Day Trade stock options. It is a highly risky way of day trading and I am extremely happy with my results. I am, probably not the most succesfull among the Beta Testers but I had enjoyed very good results. I am fairly new to the Stock Market and I even newer to Options trading. I think I bought my first option in May of this year.
I can safely say that for last month I am solidly in profit. My win to lose ratio is not that great as I am probably 50/50. It was worse at the very beginning, but mostly due to my lack of experience and a good deal due to my tendency to gamble. But the last month has been great, I need to improve my win/loss ratio. I am learning to cut losses earlier. I need to stop the greed from taking profits at reasonable levels. From the wins I can say that I enjoyed some 300% profit trades, 100% profits are not unusual, and a good deal of 30% to 80% profits are pretty much the norm. I am establishing rules for myself that I will share with you once I have a better picture of what those rules are. Some of the high profit trades ended up at those levelss because I just got out of the trade, after checking what the contracts did after I sold, I can say that the majority of those run to 300%, 400% or even 800% run to the thousand percent plus. Also, some of the 30% to 80% profit trades went on running to much higher profit levels. I hope thsi answer some of your concerns.
None of what my experience is or was can be construed as what you can do or anybody else for that matter. I complement the Anemoi information with other TA and indicators to confirm or avoid trades, and to improve entries and exits.
I have belonged to different trading discord gorups and I had subscribed in the past to other services who provide alerts. At this stage I say that nothing comparse to what Anemoi has been able to help me with.
My real name is Gus, and I hope I’ve been of help.

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I am a Beta tester and all of your questions and concerns will be answered soon. Yes, Anemoi is a game changer and the results are amazing. We have been real trading for a while now with our own money. The group has worked really hard to put together documents, strategies, tips, and even a BIO for each tester so you can see how different traders utilize the platform individually. The group has done extensive work to make sure the launch is a success and people have the essential tools to succeed. My personal opinion is that we are very close but that is not my call and I am not an IT guy. Hope I can help more soon!


Hey Tim, based on my experience I can’t emphasize enough how powerful and worth the wait this tool is. I refuse to trade without it now, and I’m not alone in this sentiment. Before using anemoi, I was only comfortable as a day trader in momentum plays. This tool has opened up the rest of the market to me. Strategies and concepts from the day trader view translate right over to the six-month view and the opportunities for swing and position trade entry and exits it focuses on.

The setup is brilliant at breaking the market down into concepts that are quickly learned and easily applied. We’ve distilled what we’ve learned so far about anemoi into a guide that will soon be posted here – we want to get everyone right up to speed before/when it’s released.

Anemoi has continually improved and there have been several issues that would be unacceptable for public release.

Hope you’ll stick around for the trial at the least, because this thing is something special.


Speaking as someone who fairly new to the market. I came in like many though the meme stock door. I’ve stuck around and have learned a lot the past 6 months,. As one part of the beta testers, like anything new it’s taken me time to grasp, but I’m enjoying it. The tool is amazing once you comprehend how to use it, some tools are easy to grasp immediately (think of a hammer or shovel they are basic in nature and their use is pretty easy for anyone to pick up on rather quickly) other tools are more skilled and take time at being developed. The community is hands down first class and professional, they are such a help for a newb like myself. I’m learning so much just by being part of the conversations as they happen. I can only answer from my observation and perspective , is Anemoi making people money on trades that answer is yes, I’ve seen all types of wins from large/small. I’m definitely going to be a subscriber when it’s opened to the public. -thrironshepherd


Something seems really fishy here… no responses for 2 days and than admin replies an hour ago and than boom, 7 additional responses.

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Honest answer… everyone has been really busy trying to get things ready and we neglected this forum until one of the testers mentioned it to us about an hour ago…

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Thanks for summoning the beta group, Tim. Before I start I’ll say I am not Jim and Jim is not me…as someone mentioned in another thread :rofl:

If you’re on Twitter, I’m

The beta group is very real as is Anemoi. We’re currently finishing up the user guide which compliments Jim’s videos in the #anemoi-education category (it’s not an official document of BAM, JG Savoldi, or Anemoi, and was created by end-users based on their personal experience and use of Anemoi). We are also talking amongst ourselves and will ask Jim if he is okay with us doing a live call about our experience in beta to answer specific questions. I know a lot of you are ready to give Anemoi a try, but know that the beta group has gone through the bugs and we have done a lot of the leg work for you.

After revisions, we will be releasing this user guide in #anemoi-education. Hopefully, we can get a call with the Beta users and other BAM subscribers this weekend.


I guess we won’t be inviting you to any of the beta calls in the future, negative Nancy :rofl:

Oh darn, how will ever live without.

Good luck out there bud!

I was alerted of this question in the Beta tester group, so I responded as it seem an honest question. I honestly should hang around the forum more but my fins sometimes get caught when I try to get out of the aquarium.

Glad to see some testers chiming in here. Are any of you willing to share some trade examples where you’ve had success? Any comparable experience to using other services (for better or worse)? Also curious if any of you are BAM subs and if you’ve found improved success with Anemoi vs what the rest of us have access to currently.

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80% in 15 min on same week options (options are risky and not suggested by I am a degenerate and I know options fairly well)


Anemoi and the BAM Model are two different animals FYI


Awesome - thanks for sharing.

Totally get that Anemoi and BAM are different. Just wondering if anyone has had more consistent results (or at least improved risk mitigation) on AMC, BB, etc given that it’s real time.


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